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Putting Your Mind At Rest On Hearing Aids

Wednesday, July 19th 2017 4:26pm

Hello and welcome to our blog here at the Lisburn Hearing Centre, based in Lisburn (yes I know the clue is in the title!) in Northern Ireland. Today we want to reach out to people who are hesitating about coming to have their hearing tested in order to see if they need a hearing aid, as this is still a quite common occurrence.

Morrissey Of The Smiths

Despite great advances there are people who think there is a stigma attached to wearing a hearing aid, but nothing could be further from the truth. I think it was back in the 1980`s that singer Morrissey from The Smiths tried to make hearing aids cool by wearing one on stage. He did a fair old job of it and I am sure now he is very impressed by the latest hearing aids that are on the shelves.

Unobtrusive Hearing Aids

Unobtrusive Hearing Aids

Hearing aids now are fitted so well and are so unobtrusive that they are not really noticed by anyone. We supply the Widex range of hearing aids which we have mentioned in our blog before so I won`t go into too much detail except to say that this brand of hearing aids can be controlled through your smartphone so there is no reason to have to fiddle around with the aid in your ear.

And the sound quality of the modern hearing aid just gets better and better, allowing people to hear conversations even if there is a lot of background noise, like being in a busy cafe or in a meeting.

It`s crazy to prevaricate if you are obviously struggling with your hearing and you are finding it harder and harder to communicate with people face to face or on the phone, or you can`t hear the TV. The best thing to do is to bite the bullet and come and book a free hearing test with us and get sorted out as soon as possible.

Of course it may be the case that you don`t actually need a hearing aid, it may be some other issue such as ear wax which we can remove for you so you can hear clearly again.

Booking A Free Hearing Test

You may be missing so much by not being able to hear properly and becoming more withdrawn from people. Hearing aids are now comfortable, unobtrusive and extremely effective so why not give us a call on 028 9264 0302 to book a hearing test as soon as possible.

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