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Latest News | 5 Tips For Helping Your Children Hear Better

5 Tips For Helping Your Children Hear Better

Thursday, December 22nd 2016 9:09pm

Hello and today we are sharing with you an article on how you can help your children to hear better, for even if they wear hearing aids they may struggle to hear if there is too much difference between the speaker and them, or there is too much background noise for instance. The article includes 5 tips which are below:

1. Start Young

If your child has hearing loss and has been fitted with hearing technology, encourage them to wear their hearing aids or cochlear implants as much as possible. Young children are especially notorious for removing their hearing devices, but it's important that you keep putting them back on, and encourage them to wear them as much as possible during the waking day. This will ensure they have optimal access to your voice and other stimulating sounds.

2. Provide a Calm Environment

If your child is having a difficult time focusing on a conversation, try to reduce the level of background noise when talking with them. This could mean turning off the TV, music or other noise.

3. Be Patient and Repeat if Necessary

Hearing loss makes it so certain sounds are more understandable than others. It's important that everyone around the child is able to remember this, practice patience if the child doesn't understand, and be prepared to repeat key points or rephrase sentences using different words.

4. Inform Others

Ensure your child has a good relationship with their teachers or caretakers, and they understand the needs and expectations of your child. This may mean facilitating communication techniques, such as setting up a signal for your child to let the teacher know when they are struggling to hear. This allows the teacher to change their techniques, without interrupting the entire classroom.

5. Encourage Independence

Encourage your child to become their own hearing technology specialist. As they grow older and gain independence, they should be able to identify when their devices are not working and to do basic troubleshooting.

To read the full article please go to this Phonak website link: Tips To Help Children With Their Hearing

Finally we would like to wish all our readers and customers a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, and we hope to see you in 2017!


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