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Latest News | Why Children With Autism Could Benefit From Hearing Aids

Why Children With Autism Could Benefit From Hearing Aids

Thursday, December 15th 2016 9:36pm

There has been some recent research which suggests that children with autism may well benefit from wearing a hearing aid, as they could have an inner ear deficiency which gives them problems in being able to recognize speech. It is claimed that if the deficiency can be identified early on then the child can be treated with hearing aids and other hearing technology so they will see an improvement in the range of sounds they can identify and hear correctly.

On this subject Shawna Lee, AuD, CCC-A, FAAA says:

"ASD can have many implications for social skills, communication, and speech and language development. Hearing loss, whether transient or permanent, can also have similar effects, especially when children are young. Awareness of the similarities can be key in reducing the risk of diagnostic overshadowing or early misdiagnosis with children who struggle with ASD, hearing loss, or both. Children diagnosed with ASD are as unique as their fingerprints when it comes to the presentation of symptoms, behaviors, cognitive function, and their developmental needs. Research shows that early intervention is highly correlated with better outcomes."

You can read more on this particular story by visiting the Hearing Like Me website at the following link: Autistic Children And Hearing Aids

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