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Latest News | The Importance Of Hearing Tests For Dementia Patients

The Importance Of Hearing Tests For Dementia Patients

Thursday, November 24th 2016 9:37pm

As people get older there is of course the greater chance of them getting dementia, a condition which is becoming increasingly common both here in the UK and across the world. But dementia can be further complicated if they are also experiencing hearing loss, as they will feel even more isolated and unable to get people to understand them. And of course there are instances where people think a close relative is in the early stages of dementia when in fact the problem is their hearing rather than anything else.

The above shows the real importance of having your hearing tested on a regular basis, particularly as you grow older and you may have other health complications which the hearing loss is exacerbating.

One family in Swansea were recently very happy that dementia patients were now getting hearing support, as now Bob and Linda Morgan`s mum Phyllis has been fitted with hearing aids they are able to communicate with her much more readily. Bob, speaking to the South Wales Evening Post said:

"The result has been incredible. Not only can my mother understand what we are saying to her, she is now joining in conversations which previously would have passed her by."

"We had put her confusion just down to her dementia rather than her not being able to hear,"

"The prevalence of dementia as well as hearing impairment increases with age. People get diagnosed with dementia but some may never have had their hearing tested."The less people hear the more excluded and confused they feel,""People with severe hearing loss are four times more likely to be affected by dementia.
"But we know the longer someone with dementia can interact with other people the better it is for them. Being able to hear helps that interaction continue".

You can read more on this story at the South Wales Evening Post website at the following link: The Link Between Dementia And Hearing Loss

If you have not had a hearing test in a while it could be wise to have your hearing checked, and we do free hearing tests here at Lisburn Hearing Centre, so please come down to make an appointment or alternatively give us a ring on 028 9264 0302.


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