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Why put up with hearing loss?

Hearing loss is a significant issue in the UK, with 9 million people affected, of whom over 6 million are aged 60 and over. Hearing loss is particularly prominent with age, affecting 42% of those over 50. As the average age of the population increases, and with the increase in noise exposure, so too does the prevalence of hearing loss.

If you answer 'yes' to any of the following, then you may need a hearing test:

  1. When watching television with others, do you need to set the volume higher than they would to hear what is being said?
  2. Do you often need to ask people to repeat what they have said?
  3. Do you often feel that other people are 'mumbling' or speaking unclearly?
  4. Do you often have trouble understanding a conversation when there is background noise or other people are talking at the same time?
  5. Have your family members/colleagues/friends asked you whether you have a hearing problem?
  6. Do you often experience problems hearing and understanding what others people are saying to you when you do not have eye contact?
  7. Do you often find it hard to localise the source of sounds?

Untreated hearing loss may lead to numerous social and psychological problems. Some hearing-impaired people also experience physical problems because of their hearing loss. Even a mild hearing loss can lead to a lower quality of life. Many people with a hearing loss complain of difficulty communicating with family and friends, feeling isolated and left out, lack of concentration, embarrassment, headaches, tiredness and loss of self confidence.

Hearing aids perform better than expected

Surveys indicate that hearing-impaired people benefit socially and psychologically and improve their quality of life when their hearing loss is treated with proper hearing aids.

Hearing impaired people estimate their hearing ability to have improved very substantially when treated with hearing aids. This is in contrast to their belief before being fitted with hearing aids that their hearing was adequate.

Poor uptake of hearing aids

Many hearing-impaired people would benefit from using hearing aids, but only one out of five, requiring them, actually have them. Currently, over 2 million people in the UK have been fitted with a hearing aid, although only 1.4 million of those actually use them regularly. Research has shown that one of the main reasons people are resistant to wearing hearing aids is because of the stigma associated with hearing loss.

New hearing aid technology

Hearing aid technology has become increasingly intelligent over time. Leading digital aids now have the ability to closely mimic the natural ear sound, zoom in to relevant speech and cut down background noise, store information on how the hearing aid is being used by the patient, and cut out the whistling sound associated with older aids.

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