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Hearing Dogs | Fundraising event

Past fundraising 2010

We would like to thank everyone who kindly gave in the stamps and our fellow Rotarians who helped organise the collection of stamps- sometimes just 3 used stamps, sometimes a carrier bag full.

This year David delivered 6 full black sacks to the Belfry near Birmingham where they were collected by Sue who is a volunteer from Hearing Dogs.

After the stamps had been weighed Hearing Dogs told us that these sacks equate to approximately 150,000 Stamps. Amazing!! and would help towards the next dog just like 'Marti' and continued to say:-

"We would like to take this opportunity on behalf of Hearing Dogs for Deaf People to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and to thank you for your support in sending your used postage stamps to us in the past. We would be very grateful if you could continue to send in stamps from Christmas cards etc on a regular basis."

"With your help in 2010 we raised the fantastic sum of £11,563.93 through used postage stamps alone.

Hearing Dog 'Marti' is the sixth dog to be supported by funds raised from stamp recycling helping us to provide complete partnership support throughout Marti's whole working life.

Marti is a cheeky Cocker Spaniel x Poodle who lives with Janice.

The previous dogs fully supported by stamps alone were Becks, Penny, Womble, Flynn and Woody."

Hearing Dogs is a charity we are very proud to back and help organise donations for. They are a charity which are of course close to our heart and they really can make an enormous difference to a persons life. We are pleased to see that the charity seems to be going from strength to strength and we will do all we cam in the future to help them along. But none of it would be possible without your help.

Thank You All - Keep Them Coming

David A Parkinson

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