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Welcome to Lisburn Hearing, Lisburn, Northern Ireland

Lisburn Hearing Centre, Lisburn, N Ireland

We are Lisburn Hearing Centre, based in Lisburn, Co Antrim, in Northern Ireland, and as a local business we believe in providing exceptional, friendly service to all our customers.

Mr David Parkinson HAD FSHAA, is pleased to announce the opening of Lisburn's First Independent Hearing Aid Centre.
With that in mind, we recently made the decision to provide more information online about ourselves and hopefully you will enjoy taking a look at our website.

Signia Styletto Hearing Aids

Signia Siemens have brought out their new range of Styletto hearing aids. It`s a new concept in ear care aesthetics, its a new shape, more oblong and sharper lines. Plus, its portable charging case gives you three more days without going near a wall socket. Check out the video below:

Hearing Aids

Mr. Parkinson has been qualified to dispense hearing aids and has helped thousands of people cope with their hearing loss since 1994.

"I have found support to the hearing aid user is as important as the technology of the hearing aid itself. Hearing aids fitted well, benefit everyone in your life and you feel so much more confident and part of things again. I look forward to helping you."

Whether you need advice on hearing aids, repairs or hearing aid replacements, or this is the first time you have made enquiries about your hearing loss, Lisburn Hearing Centre is the place to call.

Call us on 028 9264 0302 for a supportive professional caring service.

As an independent supplier we can offer most leading makes and tailor them to your personal requirements giving you support and after care to enable you to have the very best hearing for your life. Please feel free to browse the site and then why not call in to see us.

Micro Suction For Ear Wax Removal

Hearing Tests

If you are in any doubt about your hearing it is essential you get them checked out as soon as possible, which is where we can help you. We provide a free hearing test service so we can check out your hearing and give you professional advice regarding any steps you need to take after the test. Sometimes it can simply be a build up of earwax that is the issue which we can easily remedy, but sometimes it could be that you need a hearing aid. You can request a free hearing test by filling in the form on the page or you can give us a call on 028 9264 0302.

We have some great offers and would be delighted to be of help to you. Special offers and free hearing checks means that the time is right to act.Don't delay call our help line now.

Widex Hearing Aids

We now supply Widex hearing aids at Lisburn Hearing Centre. Widex hearing aids are unique in that they can connect to your iPhone or android phone, you can design your own hearing and get connected better than ever before. If you want more details on this fantastic product call in to see us or give us a call.

Speech Easy Anti Stammer Device

We are now the sole distributors in Northern Ireland for the SpeechEasy anti stammer device. Go to and see Heidi's story.

Why choose us?

  • Exceptional Service
  • Local Friendly & Trustworthy
  • Fully Qualified
  • Great Range Of Hearing Aids
  • Experts In Hearing Aid Repairs
  • Free Hearing Tests

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Ear Wax Removal
We will carry out a thorough investigation to see if you require ear wax to be removed. If you do, our staff are fully trained and the procedure is often carried out the same day.
Hearing Aid Advice
Sound advice is given to ensure you make the right choices for you, your budget and your hearing.
Hearing Protection
Music - Shooting - Noise - Swimming
Repairs & Maintenance
A full repair service is available
Widex - Phonak - Siemens - Oticon - G N Resound
The best way we have found to support our clients is to have an open door policy, so if you need help or support just pop-in, you can call us or post your hearing aids in and we will let you know quickly what needs to be done.

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