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Widex Hearing Aids Are Excellent Quality Products

Thursday, May 25th 2017 8:21pm

Hello and welcome to our blog here at Lisburn Hearing Centre in Northern Ireland. Today we would like to share with you some information from the Widex blog. On their blog they give us `10 Facts About Widex UNIQUE Hearing Aids`. On the blog they mention that as well as their hearing aids giving people exceptional sound quality on top of ease of use, with a great looking design, there are many other facts to consider. There is no doubt that the Widex hearing aids are one of, if not the, finest hearing aids in the world.

Widex Hearing Aid Facts

Widex Hearing Aids

Here are 3 facts to consider about Widex hearing aids from the blog we mentioned:
  • Total Satisfaction: In a survey, 100% of participants using WIDEX UNIQUE hearing aids rated that they were either satisfied (35%) or very satisfied (65%) with the improvement in their hearing.
  • Name that Sound: The WIDEX UNIQUE sound library has over 500 sounds from 100 listening environments, which were used to 'train' the hearing aids to detect different listening environments.
  • Hear what you want: Widex UNIQUE hearing aids' Soft Level Noise Reduction can reduce unwanted soft sounds like the humming of a fridge, but maintain useful soft sounds such as quiet speech.

You can read about the other 7 facts at the Widex blog which you will find at the following link: Facts About Widex Hearing Aids

Supplying Widex Hearing Aids

If you don`t know already we supply the Widex range of hearing aids at our centre here in Lisburn. We have done for a few months now and we are really pleased with how our customers have reacted to them and how well they have been received.
If you are interested in checking these out you are welcome to come down to see us and try them out. We have a good range available which are suitable for all depending on your circumstances. If you wish to talk to us first please give us a call on 028 9264 0302.

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