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6 Tips To Protect Yourself From Hearing Loss

Thursday, December 8th 2016 10:33pm

Hello and welcome to another blog post here at Lisburn Hearing Centre. Today we have some very good tips for you on how to protect yourself from hearing loss, as published by Phonak.

The article from Phonak gives you 6 key tips which in headline form are:
  • Take a sound check
  • Tweak and use your tech
  • Have ear plugs readily available
  • Be aware of what you eat and drink
  • Know your medications
  • Stay away from activities that alter the barometric pressure around you

The last tip is a very interesting and important one and the article says on this issue that:

`This is an interesting item to me and something I've become more aware of. As a kid, I used to love to dive into anything - a pool, a lake, a breaking wave on the shore… looking back I remember how it sounded to me and how my ears felt during and after the dive, even though I didn't know what it was. It's called Barotrauma, and it's not a good thing. In severe case, it can lead to an injury from the "failure to equalize the pressure of an air-containing space with that of the surrounding environment."

The sudden barometric change in air pressure can happen in an instant from many causes, including scuba diving to amusement park rides, or standing too close to a cannon or gunshot. Even loud drumming in parades and the firing of old vintage war rifles can be a factor, as I discovered this past July 4th at an Independence Day celebration in the US.`

And on the subject of being aware of what you eat and drink they say:

`It's complicated, but the strength and consistent quality of one's hearing over time may benefit from an attention to what and how one eats and drinks. There are now links to hearing loss from metabolic causes like diabetes and other health conditions. There is no one food or beverage or supplement that will protect against or cure hearing loss, but a healthy, supportive diet and appropriate adjustments over time may provide long term benefits. See for yourself.`

You can read more on all of the above at the following link: Tips On Avoiding Hearing Loss And if you feel you may have any hearing issues please call into our hearing centre for a free hearing test. You can make an appointment by ringing 028 9264 0302.


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