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Ways To Reduce Tinnitus Discomfort

Today in our blog post we are looking at the misery that tinnitus can bring to people, and methods you can use to ease the discomfort. There is a good article on the Age UK website which gives details of number of strategies you can try to help with the condition, and these include mobile phone apps, your diet, yoga, breathing exercises and counselling.

Latest Technologies For Hard Of Hearing Being Showcased

Plymouth Guilds Hearing and Sight Centre is hosting an event this coming Thursday, October 27th, where leading technologies in the sphere of hearing assistance from across the world will showcase their latest products. There will be an interactive display which will look at how people can manage their hearing loss and make the best of what hearing they do have.

New Ads On Channel 4 An Important Step Forward In Deaf Awareness

A couple of weeks ago Channel 4 started to show what was known as an `accessible ad break` where each ad was fully signed by deaf actor and artist David Ellington, and an audio described version of the ad is available on the `Watch Live` section of All 4. David Ellington changed costumes during the ads and also interacted with the main ads to keep things interesting and entertaining to all.

Lisburn Hearing Celebrates Our 10 Year Anniversary

Welcome to our blog here at the Lisburn Hearing Centre in Northern Ireland. We have news today of our recent 10 year anniversary!! The years have gone far too quickly but we have enjoyed every one of them and we are looking forward already to the next 10 years!

Keep Your Brain Fit To Minimise The Effects Of Hearing Loss

There have been some recent studies which have come to the conclusion that keeping your brain fit and agile is important in minimising the effects of hearing loss. Keeping your brain active can of course help your general state of health too, and is useful in warding off such illnesses as dementia, and there does seem to be a likely link between dementia and hearing loss, as hearing loss can speed up the loss of brain tissue.

Could Anemone Proteins Be The Key To Restoring Hearing Loss

There has recently been a fascinating study in the Journal Of Experimental Biology where they have been researching to see if the sea anemone`s incredible ability to heal themselves can be transferred into restoring hearing loss in humans. It is hoped that the proteins that an anemone uses to heal itself after tearing itself in two to reproduce itself can be used to repair damaged cells on humans. These proteins have already been used on mice`s sound- sensing cells to very good effect so this is a possible breakthrough for the restoration of hair loss.

Introduction Of The Accessible Information Standard

On the 1st August 2016 the Accessible Information Standard was launched in the UK which has been received with great delight by charities such as Action on Hearing Loss. This is a welcome step forward for people with hearing issues as it means that all providers of NHS care and publicly funded adult social care have to meet the needs of both the disabled and people who are have some sort of sensory loss to ensure that they are able to communicate effectively when they visit a medical centre or social care facility.

How To Spot Your Hearing Is Getting Worse

Hello and welcome to another blog post at Lisburn Hearing Centre. Today we are looking at how hearing loss can creep up on you without you noticing it, and how to look for signs that may show that your hearing is getting worse and you need to get checked out.

Brian Johnson Of AC/DC Amazed By Revolutionary New Hearing Device

Singer Brian Johnson with Australian rock band AC/DC is hoping to sing again with the band after testing out a revolutionary new hearing device. He had previously been warned off singing again with the loud heavy rock band as experts said he was at risk of losing his hearing completely if he continued.

The Facts About Ear Wax

Ear wax is not just an inconvenience to people, something that blocks up the ear, it is actually an important part of your ear as it is a protective film against dirt and bacteria and therefore helps to prevent infection. Ear wax is a natural secretion in the ear, formed from skin cells and oily secretions from glands in the ear canal, and as well as preventing infection it keeps the ear canal lubricated and stops it drying out.

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